Harmony Kingdom Top Cat - 2019 Collectors Club Treasure Jest


  • Product Description

      Anyone who has had to get a cat into a cat carrier will surely relate to this piece. As soon as that carrier comes out, they disappear. Then, if you do manage to catch them, they turn from an amenable purring friend into some alien life form - changing their bodies into something that can’t be fitted through the carrier door. If you are lucky enough to trick them into getting inside, they turn into liquid rubber, able to squeeze through the smallest gap and even lightening reactions make it almost impossible to shut that door quick enough to prevent an escape!

      • This highly collectible 2019 club piece was produced with a very small edition size.

      • Around the lid Pete has included the names of characters from the Top Cat cartoon – a memory from his childhood!

      • Collection: Collectors Club Exclusive

      • Carving Date: 2019

      • Dimensions: 2" wide, 2.5" long and 3.35" high

      • Artist Signed

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom UK

      • Presented in a standard HK Treasure Jests box with information card

      • NOTE: Purchase does not include RWCC membership

      Photos are of the actual box figurine you will receive.

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