No Charge | 2018 Annual Harmony Kingdom Santa


  • Product Description

      Santa has taken a plunge and swapped his trusty sleigh for an electric Tesla version. Consequently, the reindeer have been laid off so a pair of elves have taken their place. Unfortunately, 150 miles from the North Pole he has run out of juice and realizes there are not too many charging stations in the high Arctic.

      • Inside you'll find a mini St. Nick sitting in a lime green sports car he found floating in space.

      • On the exterior you'll find the initials EM for Elon Musk who launched the vehicle into the heavens - the numbers refer to; the number of days it had been there when this piece was being carved, the miles per hour it was traveling and, the mileage showing on its tripometer.

      • What are the reindeer doing? You will find them all in the 2019 "Recharge" Treasure Jest!

      • Carving Date: 2018

      • Edition: Timed - Edition Complete / Retired

      • Dimensions: 2.75" long, 3" tall

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom UK

      • Made in England

      All photographs are of the actual Treasure Jest box figurine you will receive.
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