Mona Lisa - Harmony Ball | Kingdom Historical Pot Bellys


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      The daughter of a Florentine nobleman, Lisa Gherardini Giocondo was born in 1479 and would have been about 24 when her husband,Francesco del Giocondo commissioned Leonardo de Vinci to paint her portrait.

      Having traveled to many cities and countries impressing other artists and collectors with its style and technique, the priceless painting now resides in the Louvre Museum.

        • Release Date: ©2005

        • Status: Retired | Rare

        • Dimensions: About 2" wide, 2 1/4" tall

        • In original gift box with biographical Trading Card and Official Pot Bellys Registration Card.

        • Acquired directly from the Harmony Ball Company, never displayed.

        • Provenance available upon request

      All photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.

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