New Phone? | First Membership Piece for Harmony Kingdom UK Collector's Club


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      This Treasure Jest is extra-special as it is the first membership piece marking the launch of the new HK UK collectors' club in January 2017. Pete chose the phoenix which is synonymous with rising again from the ashes. Whilst Harmony Kingdom has never been a pile of ashes, it is certainly growing again and this is the first club piece launched since the end of the Royal Watch Collectors' Club years ago.

      The piece also personifies Pete's sense of humor which is evident in so many of his carvings - New Phone? asks the Phoenix, rather surprised to turn around and see his friend, who had been perched next to him just a second ago, has gone up in smoke, dropping his phone on the floor in front of him.

      Could this be a reference to a well known brand of mobile phone which received some rather unwelcome publicity for over heating and exploding whilst in use? You be the judge.

      Collectors Club Exclusive
      Carving Date: 2017
      2.25" wide, 1.75" long and 3.25" high
      Artist Signed
      Presented in a standard HK box with information card and booklet.
      Does not include membership.

      All photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.

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