Harmony Kingdom Baby Boomer Prarie Chickens | Rare Limited Edition


  • Product Description

      It was the unusual looks and mating rituals sported by this rather unusual bird, the Prairie Chicken, or 'Boomer', that inspired this colorful Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest. Each individual feather skillfully carved and the essence of this colorful chicken carefully tinted.

      • Inside you will find a tiny yellow chick - hence the piece's name. Apparently this bird is so well thought of, it even has its own festival in Nebraska!

      • Carving Date: 2016

      • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

      • Dimension: About 2.75" long, 2.5" tall

      • Limited Edition: 350

      • Status: Rare / HTF

      • Artist Signed

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom UK

      In-house stock photographs - as with any hand-painted product, item received will be similar but unique.

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