Harmony Kingdom Bed And Breakfast Dormouse Treasure Jest Box Figurine

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      The dormouse is a very secretive creature. It sleeps all winter, only waking to nibble at something in its food store. During the summer, it still sleeps during the day and comes out to feed at night.

      The interior shows one of these elusive creatures doing what it does best... sleeping. A message on the lid says “See you in April”, referencing the 2008 HOP Convention taking place in Orlando in April. Also on the lid are the words “Hazel”, “Bramble” and “Honeysuckle” - shrubs that are very important to the mouse’s survival.

      • Release Date: 2008

      • Collection: Treasure Jest

      • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

      • Edition: Limited | Fixed Edition

      • Dimensions: 2.75" long, 2.75" wide, 2.50" high

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom (Ball)

      • Origin: Made in England

      As with any Harmony Kingdom creation, item received will be similar but unique.

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