Harmony Kingdom Alley Cat's Meow | 2000 Event Treasure Jest - Signed 3x


  • Product Description

      Originally only available to those who attended a Cat's Meow dealer event in 2000, this Treasure Jest features a scruffy alley cat licking his wounds after one too many fights. Many of his battle scars are evident including a "badge of honor" in his left ear that might otherwise be mistaken for a flaw in the sculpture.

        • Unique to this particular piece is the three signatures on the base - artist Monique Baldwin and, unprecedented dual autographs from Harmony Kingdom founder Martin Perry.

        • The interior carving features a "mouse sandwich" that represents the cause of many a feline skirmish.

        • Special Edition / Event Piece

        • Carving Date: 1999

        • Artist: Monique Baldwin

        • 2.5" wide, 2.5" long and 2.5 tall

      • Made in England

      All photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.
      NOTE: The gift box for this piece does have minor shelf wear.

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