Harmony Kingdom Rare Treat Panda Limited Edition Treasure Jest


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      At the time of this carving, the Edinburgh Zoo welcomed Yang Guang (Sunlight) and Tian Tian (Sweetie). With webcams, you could watch these wonderful creatures from the comfort of your home, but in true British style, Peter reports that the cameras are turned off during the brief two day mating season.

      The first "real" pandas Peter saw were Lun Lun and Yang Yang at the Atlanta Zoo. He recalls that they looked like big soft toys rather than living creatures. The Atlanta pandas have bred successfully, with three cubs named Mei Lan, Xi Lan and Po. The interior of Peter’s panda box figurine shows the estimated numbers in the wild (1600) and their classification (endangered).

        • Carving Date: 2012

        • Collection: Small Treasure Jest

        • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

        • Limited Edition: 200

        • Dimensions: 3" long, 1.75" wide, 2.25" high

        • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom (Ball)

      • Origin: Made in England

      As with any Harmony Kingdom creation item received will be similar but unique.

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