Turn The Tide | Limited Edition Dolphins Box Figurine

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      Beloved universally, it’s hard to imagine that a fresh water dolphin is now believed extinct. In 1950, it was estimated there were 6000 Baiji dolphins in the river Yangtze. None have been seen since 2007. It seems that the Baiji has paid the price for China’s industrial success.

      The lid on this fixed edition box figurine bears the names of the largest (Orca) and smallest (Maui) of the dolphin family. The Latin name for the Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncates) is also inscribed. The signature mouse is swimming frantically, in an attempt to stay ahead of the dolphins and not inside them, like the fish found within.

      • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

      • Carving Date: 2009

      • Fixed | Limited Edition

      • Dimensions: 2" wide, 3" long, 2.5" high

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom (Ball)

      • Made in England

      As with any hand-tinted product, unique variations should be expected.

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