Harmony Kingdom Three's Company Shoebill V-1 Rare LE 250


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      The shoebill has always been a favorite subject of Peter’s, and since it was way back in the 20th century that he last carved one, he decided it was time for another!

      The shoebill’s diet is mainly lungfish. As Peter was watching a program about how these fish survive if a lake dries up, he learned a new word - aestivation - a summer version of hibernation. Other secrets include WHS, which stands for Whale Headed Stork, another name for the shoebill. "Woolworth" is to commemorate this venerable chain of five and dimes which had been on UK high streets for 99 years but has recently succumbed to the economic downturn.

        • The first 250 shoebill box figurines are colored orange; the second 250 black. This low edition is not unlike the shoebill population itself, estimated between 5000 and 8000, numbers which classify it as a vulnerable species.

        • The interior portrays a shoe and a bill – sheer genius!

        • Original Carving Date: 2009

        • Edition: Fixed | Limited - Edition Size: V-1 250 orange, V-2 250 black

        • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

        • Dimensions: 2.5" wide, 2.5" long and 3.25" tall

        • Condition: Brand New with Box and Booklet

      • Made in England

      All photographs are of the actual Treasure Jest you will receive.

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