Harmony Kingdom Emerald Tree Boa Solid Snake Figurine Pendant | Ltd Ed Signed


  • Product Description

      Designed to be both worn or displayed, this curving pendant will be a beautiful addition to both your Harmony Kingdom collection and to your jewelry box. Based on an Emerald Tree Boa and carved to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Snake, Peter has always liked the way this snake drapes itself on a branch and felt a pendant would be the perfect way to show this off.

      • An exclusive edition of which only 100 were made, Peter decided to have some fun with the back so there are 50 with a heart-shaped back and 50 with a trefoil making this piece even more exclusive!

      • This piece sold out in just over 24 hours after it's release!

      • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

      • Original Carving Date: 2013

      • Edition: Fixed, Artist Signed

      • Edition Size: 50

      • Heart Variation

      • Dimensions: About 1.6" wide, 1.75" long, 1.5" deep

      • Presented in a gift box with satin cord

      • Made in England

      • Condition: Brand New - Provenance available upon request

      With the exception of the pendant on cord, all photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.

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