Aria Amorosa | Harmony Kingdom Elephant Seals

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      Released in 1998, this early Harmony Kingdom box figurine depicts two elephant seals, lovingly entwined, performing a nautical duet. A plimsol line with numerical markings runs down the belly of one of them, represents the amount of oil that can be extracted from an elephant seal.

      • The cigarette lighter under the other seal’s flipper represents a North Wales beach littered with them.

      • The inspiration for the rat carved inside was a the result of a misheard topical news item titled the “Montserrat catastrophe,” - a volcano threatening to erupt in the Caribbean.

      • Hallmarks include ©, heart, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc, with "P. Calvesbert" on the base.

      • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

      • Carving Date: 1997

      • Status: Retired

      • First Version

      • Dimensions: 1.93" wide, 2.83" long, 2.95" high

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom (Ball)

      • Manufacturer poly bagged in cylinder box with HK booklet

      In-house stock photographs. As with any Harmony Kingdom creation item received will be similar but unique.

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