Sweet Spot | Harmony Kingdom Clouded Leopard V1

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  • Product Description

      The beautiful dark-brown coat of the clouded leopard, spangled with spots, stripes and blotches, makes this big cat a target for hunters. It’s much safer to be in a zoo – but also very boring lying on a fiberglass rock. This leopard still clutches his ticket to the zoo, although he may be somewhat disenchanted with the visit.

      • The bird skull on the rock shows the leopard’s preferred prey. Peter’s mouse peeks out of a crevice.

      • The interior of this version shows two birds.

      • Artist: Peter Calvesbert

      • Carving Date: 2002

      • First Version

      • Status: Retired

      • Dimensions: 2" wide, 3" long, 1.8" high

      • Condition: Brand New | Acquired directly from Harmony Kingdom (Ball)

      • Made in England

      In-house stock photographs - as with any hand-tinted product, item received will be similar but unique.

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