Water Meadow - Harmony Ball | Kingdom Freshwater Aquarium Fish Lidded Jar


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      This sculptural Jardinia lidded jar, created in the English Cotswolds by Ann Richmond, features a medley of fresh water creatures.

      Included in wonderful detail are; a Siamese Fighting fish, a Marbled Hatchet, a Gold Platy, a White Square Flagtail, a Crimson Spotted Rainbow fish, an Angelfish, a Neon Tetra, an Orange Throat Darter, a Tiger Barb, a Swordtail, a Guppy, and others.

      This hand-tinted marble resin aquarium still-life measures 3 1/2 inches high
      The perfect gift for every fish aficionado!

      As with any hand-finished product, cachepot received will be similar but unique.

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