Fur Ball | Early Harmony Kingdom Cat Treasure Jest


  • Product Description

      An eclectic group of cats stare off into space, apparently unaware that a mouse is hiding right in middle of them.

      This is a very early production piece and the markings include “PC” and “2.95” (carving date), which is near the hind leg of the white cat - this may not have been reproduced in later production pieces due to the wearing of molds.
      Interior hallmarks include © and HBC logo.

      • Carving Date: 1995

      • Collection: Small Treasure Jest

      • Status: Retired

      • UK Made

      • Dimensions: 2.13" wide, 2.17" long, 2.4" high

      • Origin: Made in UK

      The box figurine you receive is still enclosed in it's original plastic bag therefore, unique variations in coloration should be expected.

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