Disney Multi-Cats | Special Edition Harmony Kingdom Movie Box Figurine


  • Product Description

      Carved by Patrick Romandy-Simmons and released in 2002, this Harmony Kingdom tribute to Disney's cats is a feline filled box figurine featuring a "cast of characters" that includes:

      • Alice In Wonderland's always grinning Cheshire cat, the trio of precocious Aristocats kittens, Pinocchio's Figaro, the devilish Lucifer, and last but not least, the antagonistic Siamese cats Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp.

      • Likely the safest place for a pair of mice, Jaq & Gus are hiding inside.

      • Artist: Patrick Romandy-Simmons

      • Issue Date: 2002

      • Limited Edition

      • Dimensions: About 3.75" diameter and 5.3" high

      • Presented in cylinder box with literature

      All photographs are of the actual box figurine you will receive.


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